This blog is a shared space for all things photography, food, and lifestyle plus a little sprinkle of my family life. It’s my little corner of the internet and I truly love it here LOL. Thank you for being a part of my digital family and sharing the love!I I always will be as transparent as possible, so below you’ll find important details to keep in mind when visiting my blog.


I use affiliate programs to link some of the content I post. These affiliate links are to no charge to you, but I will make a small commission if you buy from any of the links I share.


I never post things unless I truly believe in them or love them regardless if it’s gifted or paid. I love discovering new brands and sharing! These posts will always be my own thoughts & opinions. While gifting is always welcomed and appreciated, a gift does not guarantee a mention or a post on my social media or blog.

If you have any blog questions, inquiries or just want to say hi, please contact edieoeats@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing my little corner of the internet with me!

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